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I’m Liza, and I’m truly glad you’ve stopped by ToHearLife.com. If you’re wondering who’s behind these posts, here’s a little about me:

I’m a 30-something woman living in Chicago, IL. I’m originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala, and that heritage and my nuclear and extended family that is still there (almost everyone, actually) are extremely important to me.

My spiritual life is an aspect that has great influence on me and you’ll often see references to it in my writing. It’s an area that I am continually trying to understand, grow in, and evolve in. Things aren’t always cut and dry in this sphere of my life, but it’s definitely a driving force.

Aside from writing and music, things I love are modern art (especially that of Yves Tanguy); the works of Ernest Hemingway, Ray Bradbury, and C. S. Lewis; traveling to places I’ve never been before; and traveling to any place at all if it means I can see a friend.

Finally, since this is a blog set against the backdrop of music, here is my list of Top Ten Favorite Artists:

  1. The Smashing Pumpkins
  2. The Cure
  3. The Smiths
  4. R.E.M.
  5. Radiohead
  6. Nine Inch Nails
  7. Elliott Smith
  8. U2
  9. The Killers
  10. Moby
  11. Eminem
  12. Alice in Chains (when Layne was still around)

(10 is never enough.)

I’m also currently obsessed with Alice in Chains (when Layne was still around).

But enough about me. I’d sincerely like to hear from you and about the things you love (especially your Top Ten list). Feel free to message me through the Contact page Twitter, or Facebook. I hope to hear from you soon.




14 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. I became interested in the art of Yves Tanguy from a Bob Seger song so I am happy to hear you are inspired by his art. I heard Seger talk about it in an interview and he talked about when he saw Tanguy for the first time in a museum it struck him as so contemporary…even though Tanguy had painted it over 50 years before. The lyric goes “Such a magical sight to see, an Yves Tanguy in a gallery, the Thirties looking back at me, as if he really knew. I marveled at the artistry, pre-dating our technology, a vision there for all to see, bold and strong and true.’ I am going to follow your blog. I thought I had the other day in the first assignment. Looking forward to reading more from you!


    1. Hey, Robert. You’re the first person I’ve mentioned Tanguy to who knew who he was! This is so cool. Thanks for sharing the song, too. Seger and Tanguy, huh? Those seem like such contrasting styles to me, but I kind of like your anecdote even more because of that.

      I just checked out your blog, too. Seems like we’re on similar wavelengths. 🙂

      I look forward to reading more from you, too.

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      1. I don’t remember studying him in art classes back in college and when I heard Seger’s song I wanted to explore it within the context of the song. I was amazed how much I liked it. Kind of post-apocalyptic in some ways together with a sort of futurist look. I think we are on similar wavelengths too. Thanks for the comment and likes 🙂


        1. You totally should. I’ve looked for books about him before, and prints and other things, but they’re not super common and sometimes quite expensive. At least, that’s what I’ve found so far. So take advantage of that book. 🙂

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    1. Hi Benn, Thanks for wanting to follow! I just got an email notification saying you had subscribed, so hopefully it is working now? I have had a couple other followers mention issues the first time they try to subscribe, but hopefully you’ll be able to get those emails.



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