317 Words

Writings of various types and on various topics,
all exactly 317-words long

Posts List:

To the Bottom
Crank the Night 
Angel Wings 
A Breaking of Time 
Copper-Leather Wings

Why 317 words?

First, being restricted to a set number of words is a great writing exercise. I’ve found that having a word-number target not only helps me focus my writing, but also forces me to work hard at crafting that writing. When my word-count is set at a specific number (not more, not less), I have to know exactly what I am trying to say and carefully add or subtract each word to help me say it.

Second, the number had to be manageable (not too restrictive and not to unwieldy) and it had to be a non-round number (just to make it more interesting). 317 is one of my favorite numbers, so it seemed like a good option.

What about you? Do you like having word-number restrictions? Do you have a favorite number? (Is it weird that I asked you that?) Let me know in the comments.


10 thoughts on “317 Words

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