There were countless reasons for her not to step over the threshold. She had been born into this home, and her love for it was one of her oldest, and greatest, memories.

She had been brought to life in this home. She had been close to her family and had created friends in it. She had found love in this house and had seen love go away.

She was familiar with all of its rooms, its hidden corners, the scariest part of its dark, cold basement. She had been to its highest turret, and had crawled up to the highest point of its roof to see the vast sky unobstructed.

During all her days and all her nights, she had dwelt inside this home. She living in this house had been her truest definition of herself. This house was all she had known.

Yet she stood at its threshold now, looking away from it. The house had not changed and the people in it remained. Her room in the house was still reserved for her, and it still brought her comfort. She still liked the ways of the house, the way the floors creaked and the way the windows let in the midnight moon.

There were countless reasons for her to close the door and stay. There were countless reasons and her entire life so far.

But here she was at the doorway looking out. This behind her had been her world, but this before her was the world.

She could stay inside and be safe and keep living her life in the way she loved. She could stay with her family and her friends, stay in familiarity and in warmth. She could stay and be well.

There were countless reasons to stay, but now here was one reason to leave:

What if all the world out there would love her more than she loved this home?


In response to The Daily Post’s prompt Countless.


10 thoughts on “Countless

  1. God is good, just want to let you know i read it, hope all is well over there in Chicago and that the crime situation is healed, maybe if the criminals knew about pacific garden mission? the post is interesting but it concerns me that many of the writings i have read in the blog are about crossing boundaries into the unknown, this is great if it is a step of faith for the Lord Jesus but not good if it is in faithlesness. When i stepped into a drugs and the occult at first it brought what seemed like a lot of friends and power even what seemed like freedom, but eventually a total loss of self control and insanely deep dispair and it comes to me saying everything becoming the color of poop as i tried to helplessly mix the colors together myself that is far less harsh than how i could describe it, blessed are those whom the Lord chastises and total devotion to Jesus as He is in the Bible brings a continual improvement in every area of our being and existence, the gate is broad and the way wide that leads to destruction, and the gate small and the way narrow that leads to life, it is a hard road and few find it, we must do everything to enter through that small gate but Jesus is that door, and the way, the truth and the life, and he turns away none who come to Him, we must come to Him as little children and i thank Him for your childlikeness and God bless you and keep you and guide you Liza may your writings serve brilliantly to bring many to the knowledge of the truth, perfect repentance and total trust and love of Jesus in His name

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    1. Yes! As you know, I’ve been trying to get back into the rhythm of writing consistently. Yesterday I was thinking, “I *have* to make a post today,” but I was stuck for ideas. But then I came across this prompt and it worked. Those daily prompts don’t always work for me, but this one did. 🙂

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      1. That is great! I should try it too when I am stuck. I was talking to another blogger yesterday, it seems like a lot of people are having trouble keeping the rhythm going


          1. I’m not sure. I’ve been wondering if we are in a downward trend for blogs as well. I remember when it was the new thing, and then it faded, then it came back. Individually people may have success, but collectively maybe its fading. Or maybe I’m totally wrong, its been known to happen. Not often, but sometimes :-p

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