The Warrior

Tomorrow comes in a gallop set to beating drums and snapping whips.
Tomorrow sits high and aims straight.
Tomorrow comes to take what is his.

When you first came here, Tomorrow was your way out,
Your escape, your doorway, the exit from a deep, air-less cave.
Tomorrow was welcome salvation from agonizing Today.

When you first came here, Tomorrow was your friend.
It brought you newness and treasure chests filled with time.
When you first came here, Tomorrow rode out to meet you with glittering banners and songs. Tomorrow welcomed you with a smile and a sure hand.
When you first came here, Tomorrow was life.

Now Tomorrow comes clad in armor wrought in endless cycles of
The rising sun and the unstoppable night.
Tomorrow comes unwavering, tearing down the road, stirring up the dust and ashes of your Yesterday.
Tomorrow comes, trailing terror and shadow.
Tomorrow comes with fists and punches,
To beat down the hope of today.

When you first came here, a new Today made Tomorrow bright,
And time came gaily, skipping like a child.
When you first came here, Tomorrow was open and wide.
It was malleable and fluid,
Letting you will it however you would.

But now Tomorrow comes at the head of a churning army,
Unyielding and relentless,
To make  your time its own.

It turns your present into fading memories
And the faces you love into phantoms.

Tomorrow comes to chain its prisoners
And drive its will,
Until it drags you far from comfort
And leaves you without Today.

Tomorrow comes as a warrior,
To trample, to vanquish
To leave no more time ahead
Or behind.

Tomorrow comes as a warrior,
To claim its promise on your life.


5 thoughts on “The Warrior

    1. Hi Robert. Yeah, it was prompted by my upcoming move. I’m very excited about it and I think it’s going to be really good, but I was thinking of how much time and “tomorrow” changes things, how you can’t escape it. And, even though I’m very happy to be going back to the States, I’m very *not* happy about having to say good-bye to my family here.

      Anyway…thanks for stopping by!

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      1. I can’t even imagine how that would be. Leaving to go a few hours away is one thing, but another country is something else entirely. I think that was a great concept to explore and who knows, maybe you will have another one once you get back to the States. On the other side, hopefully this will mean we can meet someday!

        Liked by 1 person

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