Shroud in Shadows

She came in shadows underneath a bright-lit sky.

She came shroud in darkness and deceit and false hopes
She flung onto anyone who would catch them.

She came waving her wands, spitting her vile, taking
Taking, taking, taking
Taking everything he had tried so hard to keep from her.

He had made promises that he had kept,
But she had come to snatch the promises away
To throw them to the dirt
And trample them until they were naught but ashes.

She came with all the hope and peace and love in the world
Not knowing that hope and peace and love look different through different eyes.

She came trying, with open arms,
To embrace all of the world, and all of him,
And found, when she drew her arms back towards herself,
That she had taken his very life.

She came with a scream,
Crying wildly before him
At all the loss, all the time wasted, at all the truth she tried with utmost resolution to keep away.

She came with a scream that only he could hear
And only he could take
And then greeted him with only a greedy whisper
And a muffled “I’m sorry”
Meant only to quiet her own mind.

She came in shadows she had never seen herself.
Twirling, billowing, drifting, springing up, and wafting down
The dark light swirled around,
Taking her,
Leading her
To harm she did not intend.

She came shroud in darkness
She tried with all her might to make into light.

But darkness does not give,
And light does not break,
And she could not pretend that her shadows
Were not caused by her own selfish night.



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