Let’s Go Free

I thrust out my hand,
Hold it over a flame.
You scoff,
As though it were a bad thing
To prefer fire
Over numbing ice.

I walk forward
Into an unknown,
Braving for once
To take a chance.
You smirk,
As though maturity meant
Being willing to stay
So unsatisfied.

I come to the shore,
Fling away my clothes,
And walk unhindered into the waving waves.

I delve into the water,
For once fully alive:
Light entwined with darkness,
Life a play thing with death.
You sit dry on the shore
And wonder at my wanting to be cleansed of your

You send daggers that do not reach.
You send fire and brimstone
That cannot contend with  water.
You send curses and threats
As though I were not immune,
And simply uncaring,
In the shelter
And peace
And expanse
Of the sea.

I let myself free,
Out into the brilliant open.
You bring your thumb
Of fears and lines drawn in blood,
To smush and punish and kill,
Acting, again, as though I did not serve


Song and title: “Let’s Go Free,” by Moby.


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