Everything Is Clear

Everything is clear.

All you tried to give me
I can now accept,
In this state,
In this altered reality.

It’s really not that bad,
To feel more than you thought you could feel,
To feel more than they say you should feel.

Everything is clear
When I can see your face un-obscured,
Untainted by the reality they bring to us as chains.

What I wanted you to give me
I now place before your feet.
I won’t ask
For what I’m not willing to receive.

Everything is clear
When we are born into the grave,
But that grave comes shroud in gold.

It’s really not that bad
When we choose our death,
When we choose who
Will drag us
Into our final resting place.

It’s really not that bad
When you’re my resting place.

Everything is clear
When I let myself go
Right into your catching arms
That even angels could not thwart.

I struggle,
But rise,
Naked before you;
Only in you do I stand
Un-crippled, un-rejected, un-swallowed
By everything they forced me to be.

Everything is clear
In the light of your eyes,
In the mortality
You’re not too proud to flee.

It’s not that bad
When we run down these roads
Unhindered, un-stopped,
With our once-binding chains
Trailing limply
And forgotten

Everything is clear.

I’ll run,
As far as you want,
For as long as you want,
To find myself
By the light.

Everything is clear.


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