There Was Once a Cage

There was once a cage
But now I’ve broken free –

I saw your face watch me through the glass
And I took a hammer to the reflection of your eyes.

I tried everything I was brave enough to try,
But cowardice runs deep,
And prudence maimed my feet.

But now I’ve broken free,
And I leave you my cell bars
To throw as daggers to try to trip my feet.

I run fast, as fast as my foolish heart will take me.
You never did say how long you’d watch me go.

You came to my door by mistake
And I gave you the full run of the house.
Apparently, I insist I won’t own anything,
Not even my heart.

You asked for nothing
And I gave it all in return.
When they come for me
They’ll find your name inscribed in blood.
You asked for nothing
And I gave it all in return.

You pointed at a heart-shaped box,
And I made it a cave
Where I’ll lie and I’ll wait and I’ll die.

But this cage, that there once was,
I’ve broken free.

I walk home – the place I put in your hands –
Leaving a trail of broken-hearted blood spilled on the streets.
I’d look back to see what you think, but I know you’re long gone,
Trailing your kisses down someone else’s cheek.


(Song: “I Came Here to Get Over You,”
by Brandon Flowers)



8 thoughts on “There Was Once a Cage

  1. Powerfully written. Deep and no wishy washy lines. You were able to write with conviction throughout the piece. “But cowardice runs deep, And prudence maimed my feet.” Wow, I absolutetly love this. Why don’t you do more poetry? Ironically, today I wrote about Happy Endings, and you nailed this with these words, Trailing your kisses down someone else’s cheek. Bravo.

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    1. Thank you for your comments! I’m glad to hear you liked it. The couple lines you mentioned are some of my favorite ones from this, too. 🙂 I do want to do more poetry. It’s a trickier genre for me because I haven’t done a lot of it, but I like the freedom in it so I think I’ll try to work with it a bit more.

      I’m going to go check out your post. 🙂

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  2. Hadn’t heard this song before. I used to be big into the Killers but lost my way with them gradually. I think you really need to work some more poetry into your work. It is just as strong as your writing. Truly. Exceptional as always.

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