Angel Wings

“I’m removing my wings,” she said to the angel beside her.

“Your wings!” he exclaimed turning to look at her. She was beautiful, like they all were, but her beauty was different. It was bold and untamed, contrasting with the faultless uniformity of everything around them.

“I don’t believe you,” he said shaking his head. “No one would ever leave this life.”

She looked around and knew he was right. Here, everything was beautiful. There were no petty wars that caused pain and death. Nothing new or unexpected arose to disrupt daily life. No need, instinct or ephemeral feeling drove angels together. Here, everything was ideal, in all places and for all time. No, no one else would ever leave.

But she was different, and she looked fondly upon life in the world. There, kingdoms arose through valor and hard work. Unforeseen tests were met by strength and raw hope. Families were formed by love and mutual help. There, human lives sprung up and fell away in tumultuous complexity while her kind remained in their static perfection. She had had that perfection, but now she wanted more.

“I would leave this life,” she said firmly looking back at the angel. “And I plan to do so tonight.”

He shook his head again and said gravely, “You cannot return.”

“I know,” she responded, and took his hand to place it for a moment in both of her own. I know I will not return, she thought to herself as she turned to walk away.

She arrived over a certain city and watched the people busily moving through their human lives. Despite all she had experienced in eternal perfection, she would finally truly experience it all in an imperfect mortal life.

With that thought in her mind and a smile on her angelic face, she reached behind her shoulders, tore out her wings, and plunged to the world below.


14 thoughts on “Angel Wings

  1. God is good, please take this lighthearted but that heaven sounds like a hospital, i think Heaven to earth is more like comparing the new shiny AMOLED displays to an old snowy black and white tv but i thought you did have a pretty compelling rendition of life on earth there in comparison in a way, i know this is fiction but i just think it is the other way around? I think of Heaven as really childlike too, accepting and full of pure joy mountain top experiences as John Piper spoke in a video and praise God for Jesus Christ, the only way to life which is narrow and but whom God provided for us to enter totally free of charge, to be made holy and blameless and lacking absolutely nothing true or good and even without the consciousness of sin.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading, Brian.

      This isn’t meant to be a biblical or theological statement at all; it’s just a little fictional thought. But I do appreciate hearing your perspective and your take from it. I definitely agree that this is not a complete depiction, neither of heaven nor of earth.

      Thanks again for reading. 🙂



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