Lie down in Darkness: In which I sleep at peace

There is a figure lurking by the window.
There is a mist scrolling in through the cracks in the wall.

I lie down and close my eyes.

There is a shuffling coming from behind the door.
There is a banging sounding from the ceiling.

I press my hands against my ears.

I feel cold against my skin.
I feel a shadow on my lips.

I flinch and try to move away, but I’m already on my back.

My mind crawls away from my external body into the warmth of my blood, into the silence of my mind, into the solitude of my heart.

I wait in this protection. I know — I hope — it will be over soon.

My inner self rests, as far away from consciousness as I can take it.

There is peace.

Moments pass and I forget the threats.

My mind takes careful, slow steps forward to meet the rest of me again.

I take a deliberate, deep breath.

I bring my hands down to my sides.
I open my eyes and sit up.

I hear soothing rain outside.
I see my things undisturbed and clear in the soft light.

The darkness has come once again,
And, again, it has left.

I lie down, close my eyes, and sleep.

(Video: “Everything is Wrong,” by Moby
Lie down in Darkness” is a song title, also by Moby.)


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